Dupage Friends of Extension

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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to develop fundraising events that are appealing and satisfying to the various members of the DuPage County community; thereby, encouraging them to support the organization and its events by providing funds, which will be used to help sustain the Extension programs.

History of Organization:

DuPage Friends of the Extension, a registered 501(c)(3) charity, was founded in 2009 to support the University of Illinois Extension programs in DuPage County. The University of Illinois Extension has supported the DuPage County communities for over 100 years.

Programs, such as the 4-H and Master Gardeners, are well known. Members of these programs serve as volunteers at various communities locations. For example, the Master Gardeners volunteer at convalescent homes, Easter Seals, various classrooms, and more.

4-H members develop business, leadership, and good citizenship skills through projects and volunteering in the community. Over time, the Extension has grown to support the varying needs of the communities.For example, the Extension offers other programs to the residents of DuPage County. These programs help to sustain families and the environment. They cover several categories:

o Healthy society (Wellness and nutrition)

o Education (Schools on-line, and workshops)

o Consumer Economics (Home and Money)

o Food security and safety (preparation, and conserving)

o Environmental stewardship

o Sustainable and profitable food production and marketing systems (local food systems and small farms)

o Enhancing youth, family, and community well-being

o Commercial Agriculture

Because of decrease in State funding and other financial sources, the Extension has a sufficient gap in their budget. The DuPage Friends of Extension's mission is to help close the gap.  We need your help to make that happen.  Together we can keep these essential programs available to your community.

For more information about University of Illinois Extension programs and goals look at  attached flyer or go to website https://web.extension.illinois.edu/state/